After a fire in 2003, Wooloowin State School’s new Resource Centre was officially opened in September 2004. Our refurbished Resource Centre is fully automated, air-conditioned and is well appointed, being stocked with the most up-to-date resources and includes its own computer lab.  The library supports the work of teachers and students through the provision of library and information literacy programs and resources, extending across all key learning areas. The Teacher Librarian shares with the classroom teachers, the responsibility for the development of skills, especially those skills known as Information and Thinking and ICT skills. The Teacher Librarian works with teachers to provide literature-rich environments and literature-based experiences for all students. Our Resource Centre programs also provide students with opportunities to develop an interest in literature for enjoyment and leisure.

Wooloowin State School’s Resource Centre has an online catalogue.  Our Library Management System is called Infiniti.  Being online means that the catalogue can be accessed on computers, tablets and phones from the library, from the classroom and from home.  To access it from any computer/device, students will need to use their MIS ID and use a password. (These will be issued to students at school.) 

The URL of Wooloowin State School’s catalogue is:

Once students have accessed our school’s catalogue, they are able to view their current loans, make reservations and view resources held in our library. 

Students are also able to access the EQ ebooks Digital Library (all students have been subscribed to use this service) and can borrow ebooks through the Overdrive tab in the catalogue or through the SORA app.  Once again, students must use their MIS ID to log in. 

Finally, students are able to access World Book online (which the school has subscribed to).  Students can either access the Kids or Student versions of this reference tool.

'Infiniti Instructions' is a useful document which will take you through searching for a book,  an ebook or World Book through our online catalogue.



The Resource Centre is open for student use before school at 8.30 am.  Parents are welcome to accompany their children at this time.  Students are also able to access the Resource Centre during the first lunch break.   


  • All students are encouraged to borrow regularly and frequently.
  • Borrowing limits depend on the student’s year level.
  • Prep students may borrow one book at a time plus one home reader.
  • Years 1 and 2 students may borrow one book at a time plus one home reader.
  • Year 3 students may borrow two books at a time plus one home reader.
  • Year 4 students may borrow three books at a time.
  • Years 5 and 6 students may borrow four books at a time.
(Library books are borrowed for a period of two weeks.  It is expected that students borrowing home readers should borrow a new home reader each day – Monday to Thursday).
  • If a student needs to borrow extra resources for a particular project, they are able to make a request to the Teacher Librarian.
  • If a student wishes to extend his/her loan then the resource must be returned and re-borrowed.
  • Students are encouraged to return resources promptly so others may use them.
  • Overdue lists are issued weekly to classes.
  • Once a student’s name appears on an overdue list for 3 consecutive weeks (for the same resource), then an email is sent home to parents/carers advising them of the overdue resource.
  • Resource Centre resources which are lost or damaged have to be paid for or replaced.
  • All students must have a waterproof library bag to borrow books.  These library bags are available for purchase from the Uniform Shop.  A plastic bag is not acceptable.

Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader is a reading practice management program used to motivate students to read books.  Through independent reading practice, students can develop into better readers whose levels of comprehension and literacy are increased.  This program is used in conjunction with the classroom reading program from Years 3 to 6.  Students and parents are able to connect from home to view a student's progress in Accelerated Reader.  Go to 
To log in, a students will use their Accelerated Reader user name and password. For further information please read Accelerated Reader Home Connect. (PDF, 305 KB)

Library Monitors

Students from Years 3 to 6 have the opportunity to become library monitors. Monitors are rostered to work in the Resource Centre during one lunch break each week.  In Term 1 of each year, positions are advertised as required, to maintain a quota of at least 20 library monitors (4 monitors per lunch hour).  After applying, students are trained and must successfully pass a written and practical test to become a monitor.

Monitors are trained in and can assist in the following areas:

  • Working at the circulation desk.
  • Re-shelving Junior Fiction and Fiction books and tidying bookshelves.
  • Reading to younger students.
  • Helping their fellow students.
  • Re-shelving of Home Readers each day. 

Book Week

During term 3 we celebrate Australian books, especially the short-listed and winning books from the Children's Book Council's 'Book of the Year' Awards. The short-listed books are shared with and responded to by students in the weeks leading up to Book Week. Each year, Book Week has a different theme and displays, activities, author/illustrator/storyteller visits, concerts and competitions revolve around this theme.

To find out more about Book Week you can visit the Children’s Book Council of Australia website.


Book Club

Wooloowin State School participates in Scholastic Book Club. As well as providing reasonably priced, quality books and computer software for children, parents and teachers, the Bonus Points System enables the Resource Centre to obtain extra resources. Book Club is usually sent out twice a term (except in the term we run our Book Fair).

Book Fairs

Wooloowin State School participates in at least one Book Fair per year, held at the school. Prior to the start of the Book Fair students are given an opportunity to visit the Book Fair to peruse the books on sale. The Book Fair is usually run over a number of days and parents are also welcome to view the Book Fair at times before and after school. By supporting the Book Fair, parents and students are also supporting the school as the library receives a commission on the amount sold.

Last reviewed 04 March 2021
Last updated 04 March 2021