What is the Parents and Citizens Association?

P&Cs were created and are legislated by the Queensland Government to give parents a voice in the school.  We also are given the framework to raise funds for our school.
All P&Cs are provided with guidelines on how to operate by the Queensland Council of Parents and Citizens Association (P&Cs Qld).

When do we meet?

We generally meet twice a term through the school year. Meetings are held in the School hall and may alternate between Monday and Thursday evenings.  At these meetings, we provide reports on activities from the previous month including finances, reports from our businesses (Tuckshop, Uniform Shop and Out of School Hours Care) as well as fundraising events.  We also receive a report from the Principal on school events and priorities.  
Early in the school year, we hold an Annual General Meeting.  This meeting dissolves all memberships from the previous year and accepts all new applications for membership.  We will elect our Executive Members for the year, appoint our committees and working parties and set a working budget for the next 12 months. Our Audited Financial Reports are presented at this time.
Meetings for 2020
Meetings are held online using the TEAMs platform, but may, by prior arrangement and notice to members, be held on school campus.
General Meetings  

July 30 2020

August 27 2020,

October 22 2020

November 26 2020.


Who can attend?

Any community member is welcome to attend our meetings.  At the end of each meeting we invite applications for membership.  Membership on the committee is open to all and this gives you the opportunity to vote on any decisions that we make.  To become a member you will need to complete a membership form.  Of course, you are still able to attend without becoming a member, and there is no obligation to attend every meeting we hold. All persons attending the meeting must abide by the Code of Conduct  (PDF, 57 KB)

P&C Membership Forms 


Executive Committee

Our Executive Members consist of President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. These officers provide leadership to the association as well as taking on the governance and oversight of our businesses.  The Executive team are responsible for managing the budget, funding approvals, HR matters and community engagement.  They work with the broader association and other key stakeholders to ensure the aims and priorities of the association are upheld.
Each year an election is held at the AGM to vote in members of the Executive Committee
If you are interested in nominating for an executive position please ensure you read the position description and complete the Nomination form.
Nomination forms are to be submitted to the P&C Secretary prior to the AGM or lodge at the AGM prior to the meeting commencing.
Executive Position Descriptions     (PDF, 264 KB)
2020 Executive

President - Dan Morgan

Vice President - Currently Vacant

Treasurer - Tanya Frith

Secretary - Solange Graham


P&C Business Areas 

  •  Outside Hours School Care (School's Out)
  •  Retail Operations - Tuckshop and Uniform Shop



Out of school hours care - School's Out

The P&C operates a fully licensed and accredited Out of School Hours Care Facility (School’s Out) that provides care for school aged children both before and after school.  School’s Out is open from 6.15 am in the morning and closes at 6pm each school day. 

School’s Out also operates Vacation Care to provide school holiday care for our school family.
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Retail Operations – Tuckshop & Uniform Shop

The Tuckshop operates five days a week. It is open during the first break from
11.00 am to 11.45 am and is open during both lunch breaks on Fridays. Children order lunch on pre-printed bags and place their orders at the tuckshop. Each bag needs the child’s name, class and their order written on the front of the bag, plus the correct amount of money. Children are required to place lunch orders before the 8.55 am bell each morning.
Tuckshop services can only be maintained if sufficient helpers are available. Parents provide cooking and counter service at the tuckshop on a roster system. Please volunteer your services by visiting the tuckshop and speaking with our tuckshop convenor, Ms Tania-Lea Nelson, by phoning the tuckshop on (07) 3622 1731 or by leaving your name and contact details with staff in the administration office.
The uniform shop is open daily from 8.30 – 9.00am
Tuckshop Menu   (PDF , 76 KB)
Uniform Prices     (PDF , 90 KB)

P&C Subcommittees

We have three Subcommittees in our P&C Association.  Each Sub-Committee needs a Chair (Coordinator).  This can be a shared role.
At the AGM each year Subcommittees are confirmed to continue and a chair/coordinator is appointed.
  • Buildings & Grounds                  
  • Fundraising                              
  • Wobbegongs Swim Club   


 Subcommittee Chair/Coordinators Position Description    (PDF, 236 KB)

Buildings & Grounds

The main focus for the Building and Grounds Committee has been the investigation into options for the development of a Master Plan.
The purpose of the Master Plan will be to develop a clear layout for the school grounds. It will form an optimized blueprint of the entire school, with consideration to the existing physical constraints and realistic limitations. It will allow decisions to be made based on priority and necessity.

Fundraising/Community Events

The Fundraising Sub Committee is responsible for deciding, organising and seeking support from P&C for events throughout the year.
Throughout the year we hold events for our school families to encourage building a stronger community and to help raise funds for the school.  These events vary from discos, movie nights and pool parties to adults-only trivia nights.  All our school families are invited to attend, meet other families and be involved in the school. Suggestions are always welcome for other fundraising and non-fundraising events.  If you would like to get involved, there are two options; become a member of the Fundraising Sub Committee or joining the volunteer list, by contacting or the school administration team.
Volunteer List – are parents that wish to contribute but may not have time to attend meetings. We will call on parents from this list to assist with any events where we need volunteers, and you will then have the choice to participate or not.
Either of these options will be a great way for you to support your school and make new friends.
2020 Proposed Events

*Due to the dynamic nature of 2020 and the requirements of social distancing many planned events have been postponed or changed with innovative solutions.

If you would like to be part of the fundraising crew please email:

Wobbegongs Swim Club

The Wobbegongs Swimming Club meets every Friday at the school pool during the swim club season, which begins in Term 4 and continues in Term 1 of the following school year.  Club nights are non-competitive, with swimming times recorded each week and children striving to beat their own times.  All swim club kids are winners because they learn that striving to improve at anything not only brings results - it feels brilliant!


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